Saturday, 16 June 2012

Taste of Malaya, Castle Hill

I remember during high school I visited Taste of Malaya (maybe it might have been called something different back then..I can't remember) when it was like a few day before my HSC (university entrance exams) and then ended up crying my eyes out at the restaurant because they forgot to bring me the salad I had ordered until my whole family had finished their meals.

I think I cried because 1) I was hungry / 2) I was stressed / 3) I could have been studying at home rather than wait like 45 mins for a salad.

So I told myself I would boycott this place at all costs.

Fast forward to one day I was at home and craving laksa and the only place I knew that sold it around my area was Taste of Malaya.  So I decided to give them one last go - if I had a bad experience again I vowed to never ever ever come back.

And how pleasantly surprised I was!!! The laksa was seriously delicious and the service was excellent and the price wasn't that expensive either.

So I went back again :)

Taste of Malaya is located in the Piazza section of Castle Towers Shopping Centre.

The place is decorated in a very simple, classic manner and seats about 40-50 people.

The kitchen is an open kitchen so you can see the chefs cooking away!

We ordered the hot "the tarik" (which is Malaysian milk tea) and a coconut juice.  I liked the teh tarik here, it was kinda like a latte rather than the usual watery type. I'm not a big fan of coconut juice but my sister claims that it yummy so I take her word :P

For entree we ordered some roti with curry sauce to share.  The roti was crispy, light and fluffy and the curry sauce was so delicious - I couldn't stop eating it!

Then we ordered a combination laksa.

The laksa here is very light yet full of flavour.  When I eat laksa, I usually don't end up eating all of the laksa soup because it can get a bit too thick and greasy but this soup was not too greasy and really easy to eat.  The noodles are the thin rice vermicelli noodles and beef is particularly yummy :)

Lastly we ordered the char kway teow because we wanted something without soup.

I thought that it was slightly bland and my mouth was left wanting a bit more flavour...whereas my sister was really happy with it.  We had to ask for a takeaway container because after the roti and the laksa we were so stuffed!!

We ended up paying around $50 for everything which I thought was pretty decent given that we had some leftover to take home!

So yes, I can now say that my teenage grunge against Taste of Malaya has gone and I will be coming back for more!  They have quite a wide range of dishes on the menu as well.

They also give you these chewy lollies at the counter which are really yummy too!  The waitresses are also super nice - one of them even gave me a compliment about my hair which I had cut that morning hehe.

D xx

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