Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dos Senoritas

Hola amigos :)

A lovely friend of mine wanted to catch up because it had been like 3 months since we last saw each other and we always have lots of random chit chat to catch up on :P

My friend was super nice and let me choose somewhere to eat - and I didn't really feel like going to the city so I did some research on urbanspoon (love this site to bits!). I had heard about El Loco in Surry Hills and always wanted to go eat some Mexican food so I thought 'hmmmmm I wonder if there's a El Loco equivalent in the suburbs somewhere....'

And after a little bit of digging around, I stumbled upon "Dos Señoritas"!

Dos Señoritas is a quaint little Mexican joint situated on Victoria Road in Gladesville. So really, every time I went on Victoria Rd to go to the city I had passed the restaurants many times.....just that I had never noticed it! Or maybe I was too focused on the road...

The exterior is quite noticeable with a typically "Mexican" sofa (such a cliche ha!) right in front of the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant is very home-y but also decorated in such a lively way - bright colours, sombreros, maps of Mexico, tequila....

(spot the sombreros!)

I was pretty surprised that it was so empty (we went at 1pm on a Saturday) but apparently lunch isn't the peak hour - dinner is when the real fiesta starts for this place!  So I guess I was lucky to have a nice quiet restaurant (but unlucky to miss out on the party! hehe)

They give you a complimentary basket of corn chips and salsa when you arrive which is super yummy - the chips are nice and crunchy and the salsa is zesty and a little fiery at the same time! I knew I had to eat my mains but I couldn't keep my hands off them >_<

We also ordered two Mexican drinks: an Orchata, which is a tradtional sweet Mexican rice drink with cinnamon & vanilla and a Jamaica, a traditional sweet Mexican drink infused with hibiscus flowers!

They were quite exotic tasting... The rice drink had little pieces of rice inside it and I could definitely taste the cinnamon but I'm not sure whether it goes well with the food (too much "milky/cheesy-ness" for me). The hibiscus drink was slightly bland and was a bit more sour than I had expected....I think its more of an acquired taste thing - but I recommend you try it before you make any hasty judgements! Who might love it!

Then our mains arrived. We had ordered the tacos which was "Your Choice any 3 Tacos with Rice & Beans $25" (we had 2 prawn tacos and one chicken) and a burrito called "Supercheesygooeychimichanga" which was "Pork Chile Verde, jack and cheddar cheese stuffed into a flour tortilla deep fried topped with jalapeno cream cheese and jack cheddar cheese".  You can check out the full menu here.

The servings were quite massive! On top of the tacos / burrito, you also got rice, beans and salad!

It was my first time seeing a fried burrito - and I was sooooo excited to see how much yummy-ness would have been packed inside - and it was sure fully of yummy goodness!

The pulled pork balanced out the cheese really well and the sides also complimented the cheesiness to give you a good balance of flavours so that you didn't get sick of the cheesiness!

This was also my first time seeing prawns in a taco - I always thought a taco had minced meat! I guess I've been living under a rock and not exposed to true Mexican food! It was super delicious - the firm but juicy texture of the prawns went really well with the crunchy taco shell.

I'm not sure if the guy that served us was also the chef but I really felt like I was in Mexico because he kept using Spanish words like "chica" and "si si" to us hehe. He was super friendly.

Anyways, we were sooooo full at the end of the meal.... we left like a third of the burrito and most of the sides because we just couldn't finish it all! I had planned to go check out Cavalicious patisserie which was just down the road but couldn't because we were just so stuffed! :)

It ended up being $30 per person which is a little expensive for lunch but I so reckon 3 people could have shared what we had because of the very generous servings!

Hmmmm so, how "authentic" was it? Well, since I'm not Mexican nor been to Mexico I can't really comment on the authenticity of the food but it was sure different to the usual tacos and burritos they sell at kebab joints / Guzman y Gomez / Mad Mex! All I can say is that I found it really yummy - I would've finished all of the food it I could fit it in :P

So, would I go back to Dos Señoritas? Well they did serve really delicious, hearty food and I only ended up trying 2 things on the massive menu....which leaves me a gazillion other things to try out especially the Mac Daddy Burro (cos it has a cool name haha ). I also want to try out their margaritas and CHURROS!!!

D xx

p.s. you must eat the tacos with your hands! It's just yummier that way :)

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  1. Definitely check out cavalicious next time - in my humble opinion they make the only decent coffee in gladesville (i'm drinking one now) and their cakes are pretty great (well everything they have is pretty great).

  2. i was so disappointed that i didn't get to try them out :( will definitely get myself there again another time! :)